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Images, writings and graphics created by Sherry McKelvie are the copyrighted work of Sherry McKelvie, of Kampala, UGANDA

Sherry McKelvie moved to Uganda, East Africa in 1990 with her pilot husband and two young sons.  Originally working with Mission Aviation Fellowship, followed by 3 years with a humanitarian organisation working with refugees in Northern Uganda and South Sudan, she started her own business selling generators and construction equipment in 1998.  Terrain Plant Ltd. is now a successful and respected company, as is her husband’s company Kampala Aeroclub,  so Sherry is able to take more time to explore her creative talents and discover photography, watercolour painting and writing.  She also enjoys scuba diving and flying, and gained her Private Pilot Licence five years ago.

Her two sons live in the UK and she has three adorable grandchildren.

In 2000, Sherry and her husband bought a plot of land on an island in Lake Victoria, called Bulago, where they built a little holiday cottage and have spent many happy weekends.  You can find out more about this lovely island in Sherry’s article below:
Bulago Island By Sherry McKelvie

In 2006, having rented for many years, Sherry and her husband designed and built their own house on the outskirts of Kampala, overlooking a papyrus swamp.  Whilst weekends on Bulago had inspired a love of birdlife, Sherry found that birdwatching in her own garden was also very rewarding and, having done a basic photography course, she set out to try and photograph as many species as possible, with a view to maybe publishing them one day.

In addition to birds, Sherry also enjoys photographing bugs, macro images of flowers and the wonderful wildlife and scenery of Uganda’s Game Parks.
If you are interested in purchasing any of her photographs, or if you are looking for specific photos taken in Uganda, then she would be pleased to hear from you at

wilduganda "at" sherry-mckelvie "dot" com

BUGS by Sherry McKelvie